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Wind Surfing in Goa

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Wind Surfing in Goa

Best Locations for Wind Surfing Dona Paula beach in Goa

Best Time for Wind Surfing October to April

Wind Surfing is among the most popular water sports that Goa offers to its visitors. While in Goa, be adventurous and try wind surfing for a bit of an adrenaline rush. Learning the sport is indeed an elating experience and Goa is ideal for wind surfing. Make this holiday vacation in Goa a memorable one.

Wind Surfing is a combination of sailing and surfing. You will require a sense of balance and synchronization to perform well. While you hold on to the sail, you should be able to change your position on the surf. Also, according to change in the direction of the breeze you should be able to maintain balance.

The early hours of the day are better for learners as the winds are much relaxed and the sea is calmer. In the later part of the day the winds become a little stronger. Afternoons and evenings highly recommended for the experts.

When you think of wind surfing in Goa, think of Dona Paula beach. The bay here is calm. It is the best choice for beginners to learn the sport here and then head out for the ocean. The best time of the year to try out the sport ranges from October to April as the breeze blows at a proper rate, the ocean currents are not so strong and the water temperature is normal. Set out for an adventurous experience of wind surfing in Goa. Truly delightful! 


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