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Water Skiing in Goa

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Water Skiing in Goa

Best Locations for Water Skiing Bogmallo Beach Resort, Cidade de Goa and Taj Hotels in Goa

Best Time for Water Skiing October to April

Feel the waves of the ocean splash across your face while water skiing in Goa. Plenty of beaches and serene seas in Goa serve as ideal places for tourists to enjoy and engage in water skiing. Beginners need to be a little careful about maintaining balance. Water skiing is simple and easy for those who know how to swim and balance well.

Surfing on the waves of the water is quite different from water skiing. While in surfing, you only require a surfboard to kick-start the adventure, in water skiing, the skier will not only need a pair of skis but a speed boat as well! The skier will also be required to grip the towrope firmly unlike the hands that remain free while surfing.

A strong rope is attached to the boat and the skier is asked to hold on tight to the rope at the other end, while he balances himself on a pair of skis. With the boat gradually gaining speed, the skier is advised to grip the rope even more firmly. Balance is maintained by moving your body a little to the left or right in accordance with the waves. If you are not able to balance properly, you can signal them to slow down and then let go off the rope. Strong legs definitely serves as an advantage.

Bogmallo Beach Resort, Cidade de Goa and Taj Hotels in Goa are perfect places to engage in water skiing. These hotels and beach resorts offer good facilities for water skiing. The best time of the year to try water skiing ranges from October to April. Feel the rush of adrenaline. Happy Skiing in Goa!


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