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Goa Carnival Tour 2019 (25th - 28th Februray)

Goa Carnival Tour, Goa Carnival FestivalThe eclectic cultural mix that the Portuguese and local strains create makes Goa unique, a state different from the rest of the states in India. Mingle in the riot of colours! Come to Goa and be a part of the festival of fun, - the Goa Carnival. The Goa Carnival, 2017 will be celebrated from 25th February to 28th February . The festivities and celebrations that continue for three days gift Goa a new life... so jazzy, so lively! The vibrant musical parades and lavish floats floats are the major highlights of the carnival. There is something about it that attracts innumerable visitors from far and wide.

The festive aura fills every corner of the state. Both men and women are elated. They put on fancy clothes and colourful masks and dance to the music that Romans earlier danced on.

Wake up with sounds of cymbals and bagpipers to see the parade making its way through the street. The state capital, Panjim brims with an escapable aroma of overwhelming fun. Live performances and dances that continue till the night add to the celebrations. The Red and Black dance is a perfect way to wind up the Carnival.

Goa Carnival, Carnival in Goa, India

Witness a different carnival spirit altogether as you drift towards the villages of Goa. Within the rural areas you will see a group of village dancers 'mell' encircled around an oil lamp, shaking to the beats of the drums. They sing songs praising their ancestors. The loud and fast tempo of drumming makes the dance even more energetic. Doses of fenny increases the fun manifold. 

The Goa Carnival is a much-awaited affair in Goa. Its preparations begin from the month of December itself. It is not only music and dance that makes the evenings flashy but some short plays are also composed and enacted.

Goa Carnival is now inseparable from the heritage of the state. The festival brings out the best of the vibrant culture of Goa.


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