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Arambol Beach Resort

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Arambol Beach Resort Goa

Arambol beach, about 50 km north of Panaji, is another exciting destination for the nature lovers. Lying in the quiet and friendly Arambol village, the beach offers an expansive coastal stretch with golden sands and rocky cliffs, and an unspoilt feel to its visitors. Unlike a wide variety for shopping and dining, there are only a few options for good lodging and accommodation.

Famafa Beach ResortEquipped with all the modern amenities, the beach resort offers all kinds of water activities because of its favourable location. The Famafa Resort, located in the Khalchawada area near the beach, offers 25 fully-furnished and spacious rooms with spectacular views of the sea. There are plenty of shops in close proximity of the beach, for clothes, junk jewellery and handicrafts. The resort offers a multi-cuisine restaurant where you can enjoy sumptuous Italian, Indian and Goan dishes.

If you are an adventure enthusiast, the resort provides facilities for paragliding, dolphin-watching boat trips and other activities. The fine sand or clay deposited by running water (silt) on the lakeshore is believed to have curative effects on the skin. Close to the resort is a hot spring, which feeds a freshwater lake.

Famafa Beach Resort can be accessed from the nearest interstate bus station, Mapusa.


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