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Goa Beach Parasailing

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Parasailing at Goa Beach

Best Locations for Parasailing Majorda Beach, Anjuna Beach, Candolim Beach and Baga Beach

Best Time for Parasailing October to April

For those who dream of soaring high in the sky, parasailing in Goa is the sport to indulge in. Also known as Para Ascending, it is one of the most sought after sports in Goa. Several tourists visiting Goa for a laid back vacation do try this at least once. The sport is an irresistible treat for the adventure enthusiasts in Goa. Different locations in Goa offer the experience at quite affordable prices.

A parasail and a speed boat are essentially required for parasailing. A rope, which is about 300 feet in length is tied to the parasail harness at one end and to the boat at the other end. As soon as the boat gains speed, the person tied to the parasail is lifted up in the air. Although the person is tightly bound to the parasail, he sometimes looses control over the sail. It is simply amazing to see the vast coastline of Goa and its blue waters from a height of about 300 feet.

The best time of the year for parasailing in Goa is after the end of the monsoon, as the sky is then clear and the seas are placid. A light breeze that blows in Goa from October to April adds to the experience of parasailing. Places like Majorda Beach, Anjuna Beach, Candolim Beach and Baga Beach offer facilities for parasailing at very affordable rates. An incredible parasailing experience will allow you to feel the kick of the Goan breeze on your face. Parasailing in Goa is an experience that you are sure to remember for a lifetime at least.


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