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Climate of Goa

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Goa experiences tropical weather without any extremities in temperatures. The temperature rarely fluctuates during the year.

Summer Beginning from March till the month of May, Goa experiences summer season. The weather during this period of time remains moderately hot. The temperature rises to mid-thirties. May is the warmest of all the months in Goa. While packing your bags for a trip to Goa, make sure you carry cotton clothes. If you plan to visit Goa towards the end of the summer season, be ready to face the increased humidity.

Monsoon With the arrival of June comes the southwest monsoons. The monsoon season lasts till September in Goa. The Goan plains experience heavy downpours during this period. The humidity levels touch its peaks during the monsoon. This time of year is the off season period for tourists visiting Goa, but those who wish to see the verdant greenery of the state can still step in.

WinterThe winter months are most pleasant in Goa. This is the peak season for visitors to Goa and it lasts from December to February. Temperature drops down to low twenties. The bright sunny weather is just perfect for spending a day on the beaches of Goa.


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