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GeographyNo other destination can compete with the “Pearl of the Orient” in terms of natural beauty and tranquil beaches that collaboratively provide you with an out of the world holiday experience. Frequently known as “Queen of the Beaches”, Goa is located on the western coast of India, surrounded by Maharashtra in the north, Karnataka in the east and south, and the Arabian Sea in the west.

BackgroundThe state has a great historocal significnace as well, as it has been ruled by a number of dynasties. But the major influence that can be seen even today in every aspect of Goan life belongs to the Portuguese who ruled for over 450 years in Goa (till 1961).

The place was entitled as "Tourist Paradise" since the hippies started visiting its beautiful beaches frequently in the late 60s for fun & frill and partying. They were also interested in watching the unique scenic beauty and the architectural splendours of Goa temples, churches and old houses. They were overwhelmed by the rich culture and hospitality of Goa. Being an easily accessible place by sea, Goa witnessed a number of races, religions, and cultures of different countries and continents. Therefore, it evolved with a unique multi-hued and distinctive lifestyle.

Lord Parashuram, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, is credited for the creation of Goa according to the Hindu mythologies. Initially a Hindu society, Goa today comprises of a major population of Christians and muslims as well. While visiting Goa, you can see the factor of “Unity in vast Diversity” in festivals, food, outfits and every aspect of social life here. You can enjoy a pleasant tropical atmosphere because of the vast Arabian Sea in the west and seven major rivers and their estuaries in the interiors of Goa.

Palm coconut-fringed beaches, white sands, crashing sea waves, beautiful Sahyadri Hills and a number of water sports and other adventurous activities make it a perfect destination for memorable holidays. Tourists from the world over visit this place frequently for water-sport activities and to try out the exotic sea food and Portuguese specialties.

Goan beaches are categorised into Crowded Beaches, Party Beaches, Adventure Beaches and Isolated Beaches serving every kind of whim. But Goa is much more than just beaches and sea. It attracts tourists for its traditional cultures, unique history and some of the most beautiful natural sceneries that India has to offer.


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