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The Church of St. Anne

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Location On the banks of River Siridao (Talaulim)

Significance Dedicated to St. Anne, the mother of Mary

Attractions Indian architecture with European influence, Feast of St. Anne.

How to Reach Local Transport available throughout the day in Goa.

The most renowned and distinguished church in Goa, known for its excellent architecture, is that of St Anne. The locals fondly call it 'Santana'. It was reconstructed by Mons Francisco do Rego with his own funds and with the contributions of some villagers. Unfortunately he could not complete the task and the responsibility fell to Fr Antonio Francisco da Cunha for its completion, which he did 1965. The main altar is dedicated to St. Anne- the mother of Mary. There is a belief that the main altar is devoted to this beloved Saint due to certain reasons. The most famous story is as follows.

A priest, who was living in the local area, was assigned for the conversions of the villagers of Talaulim. He decided to construct a small holy place, though he failed to sanctify the same in honour of any known Saint. However a villager claimed that he saw an old woman coming down the hill with a walking cane and a hat, and claimed that the hermitage was her abode and wanted to set her residence therein. The priest disseminated this incident through the village. An old Brahmin lady claimed that when she was seriously ill the same old lady appeared to her in her dreams and held her hand to raise her from bed. She said that her name was Anne and wanted an abode in the village. The lady was miraculously cured thereafter. The priest then dedicated the church in the name of St. Anne.

The feast of St Anne falls on July 26 every year. It is celebrated throughout Goa, but the village of Talaulim celebrates it with more festivity. It is known as 'Touceachem Fest' or Cucumber Feast there. It is a recorded fact that though the Portuguese introduced their Christian festivals to Goa, the Goans with their distinctive ingenuity customized these festivals to be appropriate to their seasons without shifting the dates. On this day, the Goans give lots of offerings in the honour of the Saint and pray to fulfill their wishes.


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